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High Performance Components

Integration- and OEM partners requiring a competitive solution or partial solution for the risk-free and fast market release of their own measuring or analysis devices will find standardized electronic, optical or software components with us. Moreover, we offer application- or customer-specific adaptations of our standard products as well.

  • Individual components and assemblies
  • Integrated subsystems and bundles
  • Specifically, adapted measuring devices
  • Development services

It is our pleasure to support you with selection, configuration or adaptation of the modules, from the initial idea to the completion of the integration.


Optoelectronics for Spectroscopy and Photometry

A broad range of standardized optical and electronic components for process spectroscopy or photometry is provided.

Optical sensor modules

  • Spectral sensors for different UV, VIS, NIR and Raman measuring ranges
  • Photometric detector modules for 2-8 measuring channels (wavelengths)
  • Compatible additional modules for black- and white system alignment (reference)

Frontend electronics

  • Assemblies for the operation of NMOS, CMOS or CCD detector arrays
  • Control electronics for the multi-channel operation of single photometric detectors

Operational electronics for PC connectivity

  • Powerful CPUs for system sequential control and data preprocessing
  • Prepared interfaces e.g. 4-20mA, Digital I/O, Profibus, OPC DA, OPC UA
  • Comprehensive driver packages for software integration
  • High-speed versions for measuring rates of up to 15,000 spectra/s


Operational electronics for embedded sensor technology

  • Extended CPU boards including fully integrated data analysis
  • Low level data processing via formula parser or via online predictor routines of established third party suppliers such as SensoLogic, Camo or Umetrics
  • Standardized interfaces 4-20mA, DI/O, Modbus TCP, Profibus, ProfiNET etc.

Illumination components and measurement accessories

  • Raman laser sources, optionally available with ATEX type certification
  • Compact, fiber-optic coupled lamp modules, optionally with filter holders or assemblies for lamp surveillance
  • Active and passive sensing heads and probes for various installations and applications

A selection of assembly units, holders or complete compact housings is available for the components.



Specific Integration and Application

Components are always at minimum one integration level away from the final end-user applications. Nonetheless, for a successful system integration and a competitive market positioning, a selection of the best possible components for the specific market is essential.

This does not only apply to the optimization of the cost-effectiveness which we ensure in particular by maintaining alternative product lines of varying design.

The implementation of essential features for the addressed target markets at component level already is one of our core competencies. We do provide, for example, a suitable choice of materials in many places for parts directly exposed to the product or aggressive media, and even EC type-tested components for operation in hazardous areas are available as an option.



Another notable feature is our components for embedded spectroscopy, which allows easy and safe advanced development of application-specific smart sensors.

Call us, we will find your solution for spectroscopic or photometric components!

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