UV, VIS, NIR, and Raman spectrometers for regulated or harsh environments.

Progaze Bold

Robust Process Spectroscopy

Thanks to its extremely robust design, the PROGAZE bold series is your ideal platform for use in demanding or regulated environments, such as:

  • high temperatures and ranges
  • harsh conditions (dust, dirt, etc.)
  • hygienic or corrosive environments
  • explosion-protected zones

Even under such challenging conditions, highly precise and reliable measurement results are guaranteed, due to premium spectrometer components. High-performance optical modules in conjunction with state-of-the-art electronics ensure accurate and reproducible measurements in real time.

Above and beyond excellent performance and outstanding specifications, the systems’ high degree of standardization across the series guarantees simple method transfer between individual systems.

Highly Flexible

The PROGAZE bold series features several configurations including a range of spectrometers for the UV, VIS, NIR, or Raman. All configurations are ready for multi-channel operation.

In accordance to your specific demands, the following features can be implemented:

  • Climate control (heating, cooling)
  • Hygienic design (dedicated surface finish, certified and approved materials)
  • Pressurized enclosures for use in potentially hazardous atmospheres.

Optionally, the housings can be equipped with a touchscreen display.

Future-proof Interfaces

To transfer the acquired data to any automation layer or control software, the PROGAZE bold system offers various communication interfaces and protocols, e. g.:

  • Classic (4 ... 20  mA, Digital I/O etc.)
  • Fieldbus (Modbus, Profibus etc.)
  • Advanced Standards (OPC-UA)

These future-proof interfaces also give convenient access to modular automation, such as MTP, or client/broker based concepts.

All probes and additional external periphery (e. g., temperature sensors or pressure sensors) can be controlled and monitored directly via the PROGAZE bold interface.

Smart On Demand

In addition to standard system operation via an external software application, the SMART versions with on-board microprocessors permit autonomous stand-alone operation.

Data Processing and Evaluation

All PROGAZE bold systems comprise:

  • Full control of periphery
  • On-board data pretreatment
  • Condition monitoring functions

For system operation, an appropriate application software (Progaze Soft) is provided.

Alternatively, standardized protocols and SDKs enable a fast and easy system implementation into your software application.

Optionally, the PROGAZE bold systems are equipped with an integrated microcontroller for Linux (SMART I) or Win IoT (SMART II).

These SMART versions enable full real-time data evaluation on the device itself (no external PC needed), including:

  • Commercially available prediction engines (chemometrics, color evaluation, etc.)
  • Script languages (Python, R, etc.)

The required model files as well as further workflow procedures can be stored directly on the device in an access-protected memory.

Probes for All Types of Samples

Various process-grade, fiber-coupled probes are compatible to the PROGAZE bold system

  • Progaze 82: Non-contact probe for conveyor belt or foil/web applications.
  • Progaze 71: Contact probe for measurements of powders, granules, liquids, and paste-like media.
  • Progaze 62: Immersible reflection probe for insertion in tubes, pipes and vessels.
  • Progaze 51: Transflection probe for measurements of transparent media.
  • Progaze 41: Immersible probe for Raman applications.
  • Progaze 31: Flow cell for installations in large-scale production facilities

Up to four probes can be operated simultaneously with one PROGAZE bold system.

Progaze Probes

Configurable to Your Needs

UV, VIS, NIR, and Raman spectrometer with a variety of wavelength ranges and dedicated illumination sources are available for various applications and requirements.

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