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Measurements at Maximum Speed

Fast production processes demand fast measuring systems. For online or in-line monitoring, the analyzer‘s measuring rates should not limit the production speed.

The tracking of fast discrete processes, such as the recording of the kinetics of chemical multicomponent systems, requires high measuring speeds as well.

This is where the high-speed versions of our spectrometer systems come into play, offering reliable and high-quality measurement results at even extremely high measuring rates.

Up to 15,000 Measurements per Second

Our high-speed versions offer unique technical performance for very fast data recording and pre-processing:

  • Sensors based on sensitive CMOS diode arrays, combined with fast 16-bit A/D conversion, allow for measurement rates of up to 15,000 spectra/s.
  • The integrated data pre-processing provides for precise spectral data, e.g. by averaging or smoothing functions.



– Real-time operation is ensured by low-level implementation and step-by-step data acquisition, -processing, and -output.

The detector arrays’ high sensitivity and a readout speed of up to 10 MPixel/s gives the user the flexibility to monitor very short or fast processes in real-time and to adapt the measurement dynamics to the requirements of the measurement task by averaging and smoothing.



100% Control in Real-Time

Areas of application for our high-speed series are typical process spectroscopic measurement tasks such as the quantitative or qualitative analysis of ingredients, color measurements, or the evaluation of coatings and loading masses, for which a high measurement rate is crucial.

Firstly, these are processes in which the measured goods are passing the sensor at very high frequency, and yet a 100% inspection is required.

On the other hand, high-speed technology is used for fast processes, which must be measured with a high temporal resolution. For example, fast chemical reactions such as the hardening of multicomponent systems during surface sealing can be monitored in real-time and characterized by their kinetics. Even when monitoring fast reactions in the small volumes of microreactors, the exact endpoint is determined in the millisecond range, which requires measurement rates in the kHz range.

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